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NB's Tool and Spares List Videos

These videos are linked to YouTube.  They're broken into four sections because of the limitations with the YouTube system (basically YouTube only allows videos 10 minutes in length, and the overall length of this entire video is around 35 minutes).  If you cannot see the videos below, you can also go to YouTube and watch them using the links at the bottom of this page. 

If you want a DVD of this video, email me (  They're $6 each... to cover the cost of shipping (USPS Priority Mail), the blank DVDs and clamshells, and $1 from each order goes to the Chain Gang. 

Section 1 of 4

Section 2 of 4

Section 3 of 4

Section 4 of 4

Links directly to videos:

bullet Section 1 of 4
bullet Section 2 of 4
bullet Section 3 of 4
bullet Section 4 of 4

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