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12,000-Mile Service Report

March 31, 2005

Well, I started around 9:00PM and finished up with the first bit of it around midnight.

The plan for my 12,000-mile maintenance is sort of as follows:

bulletcheck (and change if necessary) valve shims, change oil
bulletchange fork oil
bulletinstall new Westco battery I received from Flash, install new chain and sprockets I received from Prof
bulletlube needle bearings in swing arm and suspension linkage
bulletchange air filter
bulletlube SHBs (Steering Head Bearings)

The coolant, brake fluid and spark plug are all good to go since they were recently done.

The first thing I decided to do was to lube the SHB and replace the fork oil...
... simple enough.  I watched my DVD from F650.com again regarding the SHB.  The fork oil is simply 600cc in each fork.  I used 10 wt oil instead of 7.5.  I think 7.5 is too squishy.  And I even bought a measuring cup just for the oil... (read between the lines here...)

The two picture below show more of the SHB. 

The first if the top bearing with newly packed grease.  I used high-temperature synthetic grease... pretty good stuff.  The second picture shows the un-lubricated lower bearing. As you can see, there is very little grease left bearing after 12,000 miles.  Although the BMW maintenance schedule calls for this service every 12,000 miles, I think I will do it every 6,000 from now on.

From there it was onto valve check, and everything was in spec.  Spec is as follows:

Intake: 0.03-0.11mm
Exhaust: 0.25-0.33mm.


... so I didn't have to change out any shims.  While changing the shims is a pretty simple to do (in theory), not having to do it is a blessing.  Not only does it take a bit of time, you also have to pray that the dealer has has the particular size shim you need in stock.

But, would you look at this.

That would be my throttle (accelerator) cable. It is actually worse than it looks in the picture.  As you can probably ascertain, I will be making a trip to the dealer to purchase a new one to replace it.

I then proceeded to disassemble the rear end and all of the linkage so I could lube the needle bearings. 

I also removed the front and rear sprockets and the chain, since I will be replacing them with the new ones I got from Prof.

My existing chain and sprockets only have 12,000 miles, but the chain is a bit stiff, and both sprockets show signs of wear.

Anyway, here she sits until morning. 

In the morning I have to go to the store and pick up the new cable, then lube the needle bearings in the rear (linkage, etc.). 

I also have to put on the new sprockets and chain, and put the rear end back together. 

I also need to fill the engine with oil (I already drained it), install a new air filter and fuel filter. 

Then I have to install the new cable and then put together all of the bits and piece that go in and around the cable back together, install the new battery, which, by the way, is larger than the stock battery, so some slight modifications will need to be made. 

I guess somewhere after all of that I need to start it and ride it, but I don't see that until tomorrow evening.

Until then...

It was 3:35PM on Friday when I got started again.  I got my new throttle cable from Gulf Coast BMW for about $15.00.  It was the first thing I installed. 

After that, I mounted my new battery.  It is a bit wider than my stock battery, so I had to do a little modifying, but as you can see below, I got it in there.  Since it is a maintenance -free battery, there'll be no more acid drips or water levels to check. 

Once I got all the bearings lubricated for the swing arms and linkage, I put the rear end all back together. 

Then came the time to install the new sprockets and chain.  The front sprocket went on with no problem.  The rear sprocket is a tad bit thinner than the original, so the bolts have to be reversed so they do not come in contact with the hub. 

Well, this didn't work on my motorcycle, because the bolts were coming in contact with the arm itself when reversed. 

So, I switched the bolts back they way there were originally and simple put some spacers (washers) in to stop the bolt coming in contact with the hub.  Pretty simple.

The new chain looks be some bling bling... knowhati'msay'n?  My "Gold-tooth display."

Everything is all buttoned up and it looks, runs, and handles good.  Definitely a different sound from the new chain and sprockets.  Sounds really smooth.  Good stuff!

I did make a mistake going into Gulf Coast BMW... They have a new Speed Triple on the floor.  What an awesome motorcycle...

Anyway, all done for another 6,000 miles.


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