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No... but I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night.

Tech Talk with Pictures, some Video and Commentary.

A lot of this information is linked in the Maintenance and Modifications section, but it is a bit difficult to find, so I figured I would list it all below to make it easier to find.

Getting the Bike on the Centerstand

You can do it!

A video showing the correct technique for getting the motorcycle on the centerstand...

How to pick up a dropped motorcycle

"Umm... can you help me get this up?"

A video of how to properly pick up your motorcycle if you drop it...

Tool & Spares List Video

Dood... you're like a video star

A video of the tools and spare parts I carry, what they're used for, and where I carry them...

Home-made Protection

Farkling 101

Fabrication of an ABS Front Sensor Guard and a Rear Brake Reservoir Guard...

MSR Bottle Rack Installation

Got Gas?

Directions and commentary on how to add a gallon of fuel capacity to your motorcycle...

The Crap Flap™ Shock Protector

Keep shit off your shock!

Directions and commentary on how protect your rear shock for less than $2...

Do You Need More Length? 

If only it were a little longer...

Directions on how to add a hockey puck to the kickstand and get rid of the excess leaning...

IMG_3332.JPG (90397 bytes)

Touratech Chain Tension Plates 

Aluminum verses steel... Guess which won!

A comparison between the chain tension plates available from Touratech and BMW...

Two Brothers Titanium Exhaust Straps

I'm strapped!

Fabrication of brackets to secure the Two Bros exhaust and stash can better...

Stebel Compact Air Horn


Directions for installing a Stebel Compact Air Horn...

Dash Rattles

Does your dash rattle?  Mind did!

Directions on fixing a rattling dash...

12,000-mile Service

"Where'd you say this piece goes?"

Stuff that's done during the "every 6,000-mile services"...

IMG_0488-1.jpg (46210 bytes)

Wunderlich Windscreen

Wunderlich Screen vs Tall BMW Screen

A comparison between the Wunderlich wind screen and the tall BMW wind screen...

img_0056.jpg (75321 bytes)

Radiator Guards

Best $1.39 I ever spent!

Pictures of the CBOA radiator guards...

IMG_1464.jpg (96118 bytes)

PIAA 510 Driving Lights and Light Bar

Show me the light!

A discussion on the installation of the PIAA 510 driving lights and light bar...


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