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This is the record of what I've done to my bike so far...

The chart to the left is a graphical representation of my miles so far (you can click it to make it larger...).

I've put the Maintenance Schedule here... not really to share, but so I'll be able to find it when I need it... but, if you need one, feel free to download it.  It is available from along with much more useful information than I can provide...

Also, folks keep asking about the tools I carry on trips.  Click here for the Tool and Spares Video.
Date: Mileage:   Additional Notes:


7-May 1189 Purchased bike  
8-May 1489 Installed tank bag and
BW tall windshield
8-May 1489 Oil & filter change Oil that came out looked perfect,
but changed it anyway
12-May 1522 Installed GPS Hard wired to battery
$35 for the RAM Mount
10-Jun 2500 Installed heated grips
Installed hand protectors
Replaced rear-view mirrors
(Pictures here).

Installed lower fender on front
Had to replace handlebars as part
of this installation... kit came with
bar weights and nice new grips
11-Jun 2550 Replaced brake fluid in front Flushed the system 3 times and
bled brakes - DOT 4 fluid
21-Jun 2750 Replaced antifreeze
Replaced brake fluid in rear
Added Dakar front fender
Coolant looked perfectly fine,
changed anyway
Rear brake fluid came out black
flushed the entire system 4 times
bled brakes - DOT 4 fluid
Purchased new air filter and
additional oil and oil filter… will
replace when needed
23-Jul 3843 Oil & Filter change
Changed Air filter
Topped off battery
Topped off coolant
Installed new side doors on cases
Bled front brakes again
$200 for the doors, I had the rest of the maintenance items from previous trips to the shop
Everything looked good!

By the way, the doors were replaced b/c the dood that had the bike before me let them fall off while going down the road...

29-Jul 4040 Installed new projected tip spark plug Installed the NGK DP8EA-9 after reading many positive comments on  The plug does indeed seem to improve the performance of the bike... especially around 3800-4000 rpms.
5-Aug 4850 Installed Top Case Fortunately, I was able to buy this used from someone on
13-Aug 5150 Replaced rear tire - Metzeler Tourance
Installed engine guard
26-Aug 5730 Removed NGK DP8EA-9 spark plug
NGK DPR8EIX-9 Iridium tip plug
Completely removed rear suspension and repacked bearings
Replaced one of the caps on the battery
Switched out the plug to try the Iridium version. No reason in particular, but some folks claim it works even better than the projected tip
Completely repacked all of the bearings in all of the components associated with the rear suspension.
One of the caps on the battery was missing, so I went to Sears and they gave me a replacement off of an old battery for free.
1-Sep 6004 Replaced front fork oil.
Checked valve clearances and replaced 3 shims
(Pictures here).

Changed engine oil and filter.
Replaced the fork oil and went up in weight to 10 wt. oil.  7.5 is too "spungy."
Exhaust valves…
The 0.250mm gauge would not fit under the left exhaust valve.
The shim that came out measures 2.390mm.
I replaced it with a 2.35mm shim; that will be 0.04 additional millimeters of clearance.
Spec is 0.25-0.33
Intake valves…
The 0.127mm gauge would fit under both.
The shims that came out were the exact same size--2.489mm.
I replaced it with a 2.55mm shim; that closes the gap by 0.061mm.
Spec is 0.03-0.11
After installation, all of the measurements are within spec.
4-Sep 6075 Replaced front tire - Metzeler Tourance New Bike!  Well, not really, but it feels brand new!
15-Sep 6800 Had dealer bleed ABS unit and brakes and also update firmware on the computer HUGE difference in both the brakes and the performance of the bike.  The software update has really tweaked the performance... hoo-raw!  the brakes feel really great.  Aside from oil changes, I'm good until 12,000!
29-Oct 9066 Changed engine oil and filter.
Added a little coolant.
Added water to the battery
Thorough bath!
Everything looked good. 
28-Dec 11250 Installed HyperLite tail lights (awesome!)
Installed PIAA 510 driving lights
(Pictures here).
Link to PIAA lights here

Link to HyperLites here

Link to voltage reducer here


16-Jan 11350 Installed a new PIAA headlamp bulb Single Pack PN 70456
Twin Pack PN 70856
Bulb Type H4 Anti-Vibration
Color Temp 4150K
Wattage 60W/55W=110W/100W
Technology Xtreme White Plus with XTRA Technology
Link here

Huge difference in the quality and quantity of light.

18-Feb 11569 Installed radiator guard
(Pictures here).
Gutter guard from Home Depot for $1.39 and a lot of bending and snipping.
21-Feb 11580 Painted radiator guard black
(Pictures here).
I didn't really like the look of the silver, so I painted it black.  Much better.
22-Feb 11650 Installed TOURATECH license plate brace Had I known it would have made such a difference, I would have installed it a long time ago.
Link here
24-Feb 11650 Installed Wunderlich screen
(Pictures here)
Definitely nicer than the BMW tall screen.
19-Mar 11683 Installed the BMW small gray screen under the new Wunderlich screen
(Pictures here)

Replaced one of the little red "scuff guards" on the gas tank.

Installing the little BMW screen seems to have helped with the wind even more. Without the little gray screen, the wind was hitting me about in the middle of my forehead. After installing it, the wind seems to clear my head completely.

The only thing that I can think of is that A.) the wind that gets through the gap under the Wunderlich screen can now flow more freely (with the BMW horseshoe there) counters the wind going over the top of the screen better, and B.) that the thickness of the little gray screen was enough to raise the top of the Wunderlich screen to better aim the wind over my head. Who knows?

Much better regardless.  Nicer looking and performs better!

31 Mar 12003

12,000 service
(Pictures & details here)

Checked valve shims... Good!
Changed engine oil and filter
Changed air filter
Changed fork oil
Installed new AGM 12V14L-B Westco battery
Installed new chain and sprockets
Lubed needle bearings in swing arm and suspension linkage
Lubed SHBs
Replaced throttle cable
More here
8 Apr 12214 Installed Touratech panniers
(Pictures here)
10 Apr 12350 Painted Engine Guard black
(Pictures here)
I saw a picture of one in black...
looks much better when you consider
all of the tubing on the motorcycle is
black... hoses, metal tubing, center stand...
16 May 13775 Installed a Wolfman Denali tank bag
(Pictures here)
If you are thinking of a tank bag, this is the one you want.
Link here.
18 May 13806 Replaced rear tire - Metzeler Tourance After 8,656 miles on the previous tire, I decided to go with another Tourance.  What a difference a new tire makes!
11 Jun 14996 Oil Change And I also put some fancy Touratech stickers on t he side of the faux tank for some of the Chain Gang guys to give me hell about!
23 Jun 15013 Installed NGK DPR8EIX-9 Iridium tip plug 9283 miles on the first iridium tipped plug, but I noticed the bike starting to stall from time to time, so I put in a new plug.  I've ridden about 100 miles since I installed it... good as new.
8 Jul 15549 Installed Continental TKCs. 
(Pictures here)
Swapped 16-tooth sprocket for 15-tooth sprocket for grins.
After slipping and sliding about last weekend while off road, I decided to give some "Teeks" a try. Tourances are still good... only 1,743 miles on the rear.  The front has 9,474 miles, but still looks fine...
130/80 x 17 for the rear
100/90 x 19 is the stock size on the front, but there is not a Teek in that size, so I went with 110/80 x 19.
Have not ridden it yet... waiting on parts from Touratech...
13 Jul 15551 Installed the following:
Chain Guard w/ ABS Guard
Front Sprocket Cover
New Front Brake Line
Rear Brake Master Cylinder Cover
Fork Springs
Foot peg Relocation Kit
Bleeding the front brakes was a pain in the ass after switching the front line
The Fork Spring installation was interesting, they really make a HUGE difference. 
(Pictures here)
Also renewed the fork oil (550ml of 10wt.)
Everything else was pretty uneventful... straight-forward bolt on. 
4 Aug 16412 Installed the following:
Fork Protectors
Hand Protectors
Bar risers
Finally!  Finally the rest of my stuff came in from Touratech.  That's it for now... until I can afford a new rear shock...
Week of
6 Aug
16936 Replaced the following:
Right mirror
Right front blinker
Front brake lever
PIAA light cover
Front master cylinder cover and diaphragm

Sanded and repainted scratched up engine guard and pannier racks

Repaired bent footpeg

After my little spill, I repair and/or replaced the broken bits.
Still waiting on new helmet and new headlight bulb...
26 Aug 17333 Replaced PIAA bulb First PIAA bulb failed; they sent me a new one under warranty.
27 Aug 17450 Fixed dash rattle
(Pictures here)
5 sep 18026 18,000 mile service:
Checked valve shims
Changed engine oil and filter
Changed air filter
Changed valve cover gasket
Valve shims were good to go! 

Will replace fork oil at 24,000 since it was changed at 15,551 when I changed the fork springs

I've decided to change the following at 12,000-mile intervals:
Will change coolant at 24,000
Will replace brake fluid at 24,000
Will lube needle bearings at 24,000

Teeks have just under 2,500 miles and pretty worn already... we'll see.

7 Sep 18217 Put on 16-tooth front sprocket
Put Tourances back on
I decided to get the motorcycle back to "Highway" status for the trip to Mena.  I didn't feel comfortable riding up there on the Teeks.  I figure the 16-tooth front sprocket will keep the RPMs lower as well.

As of today...
Mileage on the Teeks = 2,668
Mileage on the front Tourance = 9,474
Mileage on the rear Tourance = 1,743
Mileage on 15-tooth = 2,668

28 Sep 20331 Replaced SHBs
Installed rubber tank protector things
Installed FIAMM C note horn
The SHBs were shot... nice to have new ones.  Also replaced the protective cups
I got the rubber tank protector things out of a sale basket... $10. 
The new horn is not as loud as I was hoping for, but it is better than stock... it was only $12.
18 Oct 21021 Changed oil and oil filter Also tightened up engine bolts and replaced a missing bolt holding the frame for the dash to the frame for the engine.
8 Nov 21500 Installed Stebel Compact Air Horn
(Picture & info here)

Installed Two Bros Titanium Exhaust with Stash Pipe.
The horn is LOUD!  I'm very happy with this purchase!
The exhaust sounds awesome! 
The stock exhaust weighed 14 pounds; the Two Bros weighs 7.75... so just over 6 pounds shed.
Very nice!
20 Nov 21508 Installed additional straps on the exhaust and Stash Pipe
(Pictures & info here)
Muchas better.
6 Dec 21948 Put heavy duty tubes
Replaced brakes back on
Installed brake pads (front & rear)
Heading out on a trip to Big Bend National Park and Phoenix, AZ.  Wanted to put the knobbies back on since I will be off-road quite a bit...

As of today...
Mileage on the Teeks = 2,668
Mileage on the front Tourance = 13,205
Mileage on the rear Tourance = 5,474

22 Dec 22131 Installed solo seat Worked a trade with GSAtlanta.  Traded a Dakar seat (too tall for me) for a solo seat with the back storage compartment.  
25 Dec 22146 Installed Öhlins rear shock
(Pictures here)
Installed Roadbook holder w/ LED
LED Auxiliary Turn Light Kit
Öhlins 46 ERS/DRS Part Number: BM 344
30 Dec 23588 Replaced rear Teek with a new one Mileage on the old Teek = 4,308.  It could have gone a little more, but since I was in Phoenix, it was not going to make the 1,500-mile return trip to Houston, so I changed it.


1 Jan 23831 24,000 mile service:
Checked valve shims
Changed engine oil and filter
Changed air filter
Lubed needle bearing in the swing arm and linkage
Replaced fork oil
Changed spark plug
Everything was good to go. 

Does seem I only get about 9,000 on a plug before it starts to act up a little.  O well... it's only $6.99.

Will change coolant when I replace the radiator. 

8 Jan 24985 Began the repairs from my trip. 
(Details & Pictures here)
Disassembly and bath
9 Jan " Tightened up SHBs
Replaced RAM ball
The SHBs were quite loose.
RAM replaced the ball under warranty.
10 Jan " Installed Touratech Chain Tension Plate
Installed Garmin V
One of the BMW tension plates failed.  
21 Jan " Replaced lower right side subframe bolt
Replaced flasher on HyperLite unit
Head of the old bolt was stripped from tightening too much (bolt kept coming loose)
HyperLite flasher replaced under warranty
25 Jan " Installed new radiator
New coolant (obviously)
Installed new clamp bolt for mirror
Installed new turn signal
Installed new oil pressure switch
Installed new clutch lever
Removed BMW engine guard
Even got the old Red Devil started after not running in over 3 weeks... fired right up!  Just need a hose clamp...

The BMW engine guard was too law and heavy.  Sold it and waiting for Touratech version.

26 Jan " Installed hockey puck on kickstand
(Details & Pictures here)
Tightened kickstand
Replaced hand guard fairing
That's it!  All damage and issues from my trip are complete...
... just like it never happened! 
28 Jan 25025 Installed the Crap Flap™ Shock Protector
(Details & Pictures here)
5 Feb 25065 Replaced water pump seals, water pump impeller and shaft, and gasket on water pump cover pretty simple.
6 Feb 25103 Installed Touratech engine crash bars, fairing crash bars, and center stand motor guard.
(Picture here)
Still waiting on the new Touratech skid plate to arrive from Germany.
9 Feb " Installed new clutch fork
Installed new clutch cable
The old clutch fork broke... while changing it I noticed my clutch cable was frayed and stretched...
13 Feb 25179 Installed Touratech blinkers Tired of replacing these!
These things come in a set of 4.  Thing is, the existing rear blinkers are pretty protected because of the pannier frame, so I only installed two of them and kept the other two as spares.  So I have 4 spares... 2 BMW ones and 2 Touratech ones.
25 Feb 25271 Installed BMW power outlet
Installed gas tank condom
(Pictures here)
Modified snorkel
Drilled several holes in the snorkel.  No clue if it is going to make a difference or not... it's raining... we'll see.
6 Mar 25607 Installed Touratech Radiator Guards Not that I didn't like the CBOA ones, but why not..
10 Mar 26810 Replaced Chain Replaced chain in Big Bend.  The old one was completely shot.  Got 14,007 from it.
10 Mar 27030 Bled rear brakes Same day, but at the end of a day of riding.
16 Mar 27634 Changed oil and oil filter
Changed front and rear sprockets.
Got 15,631 from the sprockets.  Would have replaced them when I replaced the chain, but I did not have them in Big Bend, so I replaced them upon my return.
25 Mar 27670 Bled front brakes
Changed front and rear brake pads.
I just had it with all of the noise from the BMW pads, so I put on Galfer Green pads.
Galfer Part numbers...
Green front: FD172G1532.
Green rear: FD165G1532.
8 Apr 28046 Put the old Tourances back on
Bled front brakes again
Front Teek got 8,768 miles
Rear Teek got 4,460 miles
Current mileage on Tourances:
  Front Tourance = 13,205
  Rear Tourance = 5,474
8 Apr 28118 Installed 520 114-link chain and 49 tooth rear sprocket
RTVed Crap Flap™ Shock Protector in place
Installed K&N air filter for grins...
I wanted to change the gearing, so I will use the old 112-link chain and 47-tooth rear sprocket as a spare
The top of the Crap Flap™ Shock Protector was moving, so I secured it with some RTV
10 Apr 28353 Installed Dakar tinted screen
(Pictures here)
Replaced clutch switch
Replaced retaining rings on the top of the fork tubes (under the plastic caps)
Replaced lower front fender
Broke Wunderlich wind screen in Big Bend... decided to try a Dakar screen.
Wouldn't start with clutch lever pulled in--bad switch, so I replaced it... problem solved.
The old retaining rings were rusted, so I installed new ones.
Broke the lower front fender in Big Bend, so I replaced it.
2 May 29457 Installed Brake! LED Tail Light Whoa! This is one attention-grabbing light!
17 May 29512 Installed MSR Bottle Racks
(Details & Pictures here)
3 Jun 30570 30,000-mile service Shims still in spec. 
Changed oil and oil filter
Cleaned the K&N Air filter
Will do fork oil and lube linkage at 36,000 (doing it every 12K now)
18 Jun 31196 Replaced another friggin PIAA head light. I got a two pack under warranty the last time the bulb failed (August 26th last year). 
I sent a strongly worded email to PIAA about the quality of their products and asked for a replacement since it failed within a year.  We'll see.
9 Jul 31484 Put on some new tires
Changed fork oil.  Went with 15wt, Bel-Ray.
New Tourances front and rear.
Mileage on old Tourances:
Front: 16,643
Rear: 8,912
(Not too shabby!)
23 Jul 32184 Installed Touratech Chain Guide Part of this thing is a KTM piece.  The metal part I assume is manufactured by Touratech.
27 Jul 32193 Installed Techlusion Fuel Nanny
Welded loop back on kickstand
Very nice!
20 Aug 33351 Changed oil and oil filter  
1 Sep 33520 Installed Touratech "Engine Guard"
(Details & Pictures here)
This thing is mounted pretty securely to the motorcycle, and it became instantly obvious that removing it to change the oil would be an involved process.  Given that, I drilled a hole to allow access to the oil drain plug.  Pictures here.
13 Sep 33651 Installed Garmin 276C and Touratech Locking MvG Mount. Took forever for the mount to arrive from Touratech... but it is nice nice nice.
Couple of pictures here.
14 Oct 34540 Replaced Tourances with Teeks for my Mexico trip.  Pretty much going to run only Teeks from now on. Tourances have 3,056 on them.
22 Oct 36550 Changed oil in hotel parking lot.  No filter. Pics on page 8 of Mexico ride report.
    Changed the right fork seal in the hotel parking lot. Blew the right fork seal on the trail in Creel, Mexico.  Pics on page 9 of Mexico ride report.
29 Oct 37829 Began the repairs from my trip. 
Much of the time was waiting on parts.
Changed oil and filter
Removed air filter plug
Lubed swing-arm bearings and linkage
Replaced front brake pads
Changed fork oil (10 wt)
Replaced cam chain tensioner
Replaced cam chain bow
Replaced SHBs
Changed two intake shims
Replaced spark plug
Intake shims were 2.55mm.  Too tight.  Replaced both with 2.50s.

All the details and pictures are on the Repair Report from Mexico.

18 Nov 37830 Replace fuel tank with a new European-spec one... eBay! The new fuel tank increases the fuel capacity from 4 gallons to 4.57 gallons and removes the canister.  Nice!  At 55mpg, that should give me an additional range of 30 miles.
22 Nov 38052 Lowered the float in the fuel tank. The fuel light came on with only 150 miles on the odometer.  When I filled up, I needed right at 3 gallons.  Since the useable tank volume is now 4.57 US gal, I don't want to see the light until 4 gallons have been used, so I lowered the float by making a few modifications.  It'll be interesting to see when the light comes on now.
9 Dec 38780 Replaced PIAA headlight bulb again...
Replaced parking light bulb...
Noticed the left fork seal is leaking... will replace it tomorrow.
Got a new headlamp assembly off eBay... replaced it when I replaced the head light bulb, because the little clip that holds the headlight in was broken on the old one.
13 Dec 38900 Replaced left fork seal. Slight leak... replaced, no problems.
14 Dec 38954 Removed Techlusion Fuel Nanny Mileage continues to decline...seeing 43mpg... has to be the Techlusion box.  Removed box... let's see what happens... 
30 Dec 39428 Replaced rear Teek Got 4,888 miles out of the old tire.  Not bad for a TKC, but it was past the wearbar.


5 Jan 39559 Installed Dakar forks
(Details & Pictures here)
I used the bottom part of my forks and the rest from the Dakar forks.
I replaced the seals in new forks with the seals that I just replaced in my old forks.
New 500ml of 15wt fork oil.
9 Jan 39728 Installed Touratech progressive springs
Replaced yet another PIAA headlight (and sent a pretty strongly worded email to PIAA).
15 Jan 40039 Removed K&N and put a paper filter back in.  Also reconnected the O2 sensor. Hopefully this will solve the mileage problem...
21 Jan 40039 Made some farkles
(Details and pictures here)
Weather has been CRAP!  So I made some farkles...
22 Jan 40092 Put K&N back in (with the restrictor).
Replaced fuel filter.
Installed new iridium plug.
Thoroughly cleaned battery terminals and connections.
Bike is stalling every now and then.  Never did this before, so I am working through all of the things it might be.
FWIW... I rode 53 miles.  When I stopped to fill up, it took .735 gallons.  Doing the math... 72mpg.
25 Jan 40141 Unplugged O2 sensor again.
Replaced chain and sprockets.
After plugging in the O2 sensor, the bike pretty much ran like crap.  It would stall constantly.  You can see I tried a few things to rectify the problem the other night.  So, I unplugged it again, and the bike runs strong... no stalling at all!
Chain is stretched. I only got 13,331 miles out of it.  Last chain I got right at 14,000 miles.  I guess I need to quit riding wheelies. 
29 Jan 40436 Finally fixed poor mileage and stalling problem by venting the fuel tank.

I thought I had the new tank vented properly... I did not. The overflow line was in place, but the vent line was not. The overflow line allows fuel to leave the tank, but does not allow air to come in. I found it difficult to open the fuel-filler door because of all of the suction inside the tank. As a matter of fact, it was quite difficult to open the door... and when I did open it, air would rush in.  At speed, it ran fine... but upon deceleration and idling at a stop light, the bike would die 7 times out of 10.  As you can see above, I unplugged the O2 sensor, the bike ran fine, but the mileage was all over the place. Sometimes I got 70mpg, other times I got 40. FWIW, with the O2 sensor plugged in, the bike constantly delivers between 55 and 60mpg.  Yesterday, I figured out the venting problem and installed a vent with a check valve... air can get into the tank, fuel cannot get out. There's no more suction when I open the fuel-filler door.  The suction (because of the unvented tank) was hindering the flow of fuel while decelerating and at idle, and this was causing the bike to die.  I plugged the O2 sensor back in and she runs runs runs. FINALLY!!!

Looking back I feel kinda dumb for not putting all of this together in my brain in the first place... but hind sight is 20/20.

8 Feb 41020 Replaced rotors
(Pictures here)
Installed SpeedBleeders
Bled brakes
My old rotors were at the wear limit, so I ordered Galfer Wave rotors:
Galfer Part numbers...
Front rotor: DF663.
Rear rotor: DF703.
SB1010S (M10 X 1.0)
11 Feb 41094 Replaced the TT plastic hand guards with Acerbis Rally Pro Hand guards The TT hand guards do not have an aluminum bar in them... just plastic.  The Acerbis handguard have the aluminum bar.  Nicer.
23 Feb 41452 6,000-mile service:
Oil filter
Replaced the two intake valves again
Cleaned air filter
Replaced counter-shaft seal
Replaced 2.50mm shims with 2.55mm shims to close up gap a little. 
Counter-shaft had a slight leak... replaced it with a new one.
(Now that I look at my records, I wasn't time to check the valves... duh!  O well).

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