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Two Brothers Titanium Exhaust Straps

When I ordered my Two Bros exhaust (because I wasn’t feeling quite as manly as Brewer and Thumper), Brew told me to make sure I got extra clamps. When it arrived, there were no extra clamps, but I installed it without them and it looked like this:

You see how long the distance is between the clamp and end of the pipe? It’s a bit too much, and the pipe tended to move a bit. It was worse on the Stash Can (the faux storage container on the other side of the motorcycle). With all of the bouncing around we do, a second clamp would indeed help. I ordered two clamps from Two Bros ($15 each), and they promptly arrived.

I slipped them on, but there was a problem—there was no where to attach them (which I already suspected), so I set out to make a bracket for each side.

It took some thinking, but I came up with a solution. Initially Brew, Thump and I emailed each other with some options, but I think we over-engineered it. I took a manila folder and made a template. Measure, trim, measure, trim, measure and so on. I ended up with the following:

Using it as a template, I fabricated the following bracket out of some 1-1/2” X 1-1/2” angled aluminum:

It bolts to the last hole in this picture:

And ultimately it looks like this:

I used 3/8” grade 8 bolts. Yes, I know—overkill. But, A, I had them “in stock”, and B, I could put the G.I.-Joe-with-Kung-Fu grip on them to make sure they would not come loose. In addition, I used 3/8” grade 8 nylon lock nuts. I labeled it for you in this picture:

And this is what it looks like without the shading and labeling:

Another thing I made sure of was to fabricate the bracket so the new strap was not on top of the Two Bros logo. I know, not all that important, but it was important to me. Here’s what it all looks like now:

Here’s the stash can on the other side:

Much better...


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