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Do you need more length? 
How can a hockey puck be better than Viagra?

I put an Ohlins rear shock on my motorcycle.  Doing so has raised the motorcycle up a bit; and as a result the side stand was no longer long enough in my opinion--I felt the motorcycle leaned over too far when it was resting on the side stand, so I set off to fix the problem.

I cannot take credit for this mod; I have seen some guys with Dakars do it.  Below is simply my version of the process.

I had a hockey puck at my office, so I didn't have to buy one.  What I did have to buy was 3 bolts, nuts and washers.  If you are thinking of doing this project, you need the following:

  1. A hockey puck
  2. Three 1/4" X 1-1/4" grade 8 bolts.  (why grade 8?... because!)
  3. Three 1/4" grade 8 nylon lock washers
  4. Three 1/4" grade 8 flat washers.

The first thing I did was to drill three 1/4" holes in the foot of the kickstand.  I made sure there was room to get the nuts on the top of the foot.  In other words, I made sure the nuts did not hang off the edge of the foot and did not come in contact with the bar part of the kickstand.

This is what it looked like when I was through drilling...

Next, I held the hockey puck under the kickstand foot where I wanted it and marked the location with a silver-colored sharpie.  (Since it was only me, the next picture looks goofy, but you get the idea.)

Once marked, I drilled the 1/4" holes through the puck.

Next, I took a 5/8" paddle bit and drilled out the bottom of the puck where the newly drilled 1/4" holes came through.  I drilled just deep enough that the bolt heads and washers would be in the puck and not make contact with the ground.  In other words, the bolts and washers are countersunk in the puck. 

It was important that I did not drill too deep with the 5/8" paddle bit... I did not want the end of the bolts sticking up too high.

The final step was to put on the nylon locking nuts and tighten it up.  I simply put a 7/16" socket in the countersunk holes on the bottom and used a 7/16" wrench on the top and tightened the bolts up just enough so that the ends of the bolts protruded above the nuts by about 1/8".  It looks like this...

Here's the final result...

The end.


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