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Here’s a picture of the Stebel Compact Air Horn. If you purchase one, you get the horn, a relay and very little hardware—1 bolt, 1 nut, and a plastic spacer.

The first trick was to figure out WHERE to mount this thing. It did not fit where my old horn went, so I had to find a place. I tried a few places, but ultimately ended up mounting it on the right side of the motorcycle. That’s where most of the idiots come from when they try to hit me anyway…

Next I fiddled around a bit trying to figure out HOW to mount it. I ended up making a little bracket and bolting it to the motorcycle as shown in the pictures below.

Once mounted, I decided to further secure it to the motorcycle using a very large zip tie. This ain’t no plain vanilla zip tie; it’s a haus! You can see it in the picture below.

Once I had it mounted, I had to wire it up. (You cannot simply use the hot wire from your horn to power the new horn. If you are curious as to why, ask Flash.)

The relay has 4 tabs on it—85, 86, 87 and 30. 85 is a ground. 86 is where I connected my old horn hot wire (this trips the relay, which in turn sends power to the horn directly from the battery). 30 connected directly to the + on the battery. 87 went to the hot wire of the horn. The horn also has a negative wire, so I grounded that to the negative side of the battery as well.

Running the wires is always fun, especially because I always go out of my way to make sure it looks professional… whatever "professional" means anymore...

I had some left over wire from my PIAA lights. The wire came pre-wrapped with a protective insulation, so I decided to use that. You can see it in the picture below.

I ran the wires along the same route as the other wiring on the motorcycle. I removed the two bolts on the little cover in the picture below and fished the wires up to the battery.

Once the relay was wired and all of the wiring tidied up, I went back and taped everything up nicely.

If you decide to install one, your garage floor should look like this when done.

And your motorcycle should look like this...

... if not, you have done something wrong.

That’s about all there was to it. It took 3 hours because I had to figure out where to put it and how to mount it securely. The actual installation and wiring doesn’t take long.

Remember... if you decide to buy and install one, it is important to use a relay with power directly from the battery. You are not going to get enough juice if you simply use your old horn’s hot wire. I know I said that earlier...

The horn's hot wire should be used to power the relay only.

Conclusion? Well… it’s loud. Unbelievably friggin' loud! 139db loud!!!  

I’d highly recommend earplugs while testing.

... my ears are still ringing.



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