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Sunday, July 31st, 2005

bulletRide Length:  About 60 miles round trip miles
bulletRiders: Just me
bulletWeather: Was cool at 6:30... but got hot quick!

(You can click any picture below to enlarge it.)

After posting a photo assignment over on, I decided I better get out and get it done while I had a chance to do so.

This first topic is "Military."  I set out for the battleship to see if I could capture a shot for the assignment. 

I stopped at Jack in the Box for a little breakfast, suffered through the smell of the refineries in Pasadena, and didn't get arrested for parking my motorcycle where I probably was not supposed to in order to get "the shot."

My first few shots were of the San Jacinto Monument. 

The San Jacinto Monument is the world’s tallest memorial column—15 feet taller than the Washington monument—honoring all those who fought for Texas' independence.  You can read more about it here.

Look at the size of my motorcycle relative to the monument in the third picture.

My next stop was actually my destination for my photo assignment--the Battleship TEXAS.

The TEXAS is the last of the battleships, patterned after HMS Dreadnought, that participated in World War (WW) I and II. She was launched on May 18, 1912 from Newport News, Virginia. When the USS TEXAS was commissioned on March 12,1914, she was the most powerful weapon in the world.  In 1948 the Battleship TEXAS became the first battleship memorial museum in the U.S.   You can read more about it here.

The picture I selected for the assignment was this one:

So, after a morning of breaking laws, parking my motorcycle where I was probably not supposed to, I decided to have a ride over the Fred Hartman Bridge again.  Dr. Josh took me to see it the first time back last July, and there are photos from that trip here.

The Fred Hartman Bridge is a beautiful visual structure that gracefully carries commuters from the city of La Port to the city of Baytown, TX. Two sets of steel-reinforced diamonds carry two separate bridge decks of Texas 146 to a height of 178 feet that keeps them away from the traffic of the busy seaport. The towers are each 440 feet tall, and the bridge itself is 1,250 feet long.  You can read more about it here.

After all of my photography and rule-breaking, I ended up back at the house before 10:00 AM. 

Assignment done!

Thanks for coming along on my ride!


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