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Wednesday & Thursday, Oct 27-28 2004

(Click the map to enlarge it.)

bulletRide Length: 500 miles
bulletRiders: Just Me
bulletWeather: Hot.  Maybe low 90s. Sprinkled on once.

(You can click any picture below to enlarge it.)

I had to go to Austin for a presentation on Thursday. I guess I could have taken a car, but that wouldn't have been a whole lot of fun. So instead, I opted to take my motorcycle. The plan was to leave my office around noon on Wednesday, go to my house and help a coworker with editing a video, then leave for Austin around 3:00-4:00ish.

Isn't funny how plans never really go as expected?  I got to Austin at 1:00AM… so doing the math backwards… you guessed it--I left late.

We didn't get done with the video until around 6:30. Then I had to eat, pack, yadee yadee yadee. I guess I didn't need to stop and take pictures of the lunar eclipse… especially since none of them came out very well with my cheapo "motorcycle camera."  But, I gave it a shot.

Packing the suit was interesting, though I got some excellent advice from on how to do it. The advice worked. I arrived in Austin wrinkle-free.

It was fun to walk through the lobby of the fancy hotel full ATGATT at 1:00 AM carrying two side cases and a tank bag from my bike. I got lots of weird looks.

I got up Thursday morning, put on suit, went to the presentation, ate a very nice lunch (steak, chicken and ribs), and then went back to my room, changed and walked through the hotel lobby ATGATT and loaded up my bike.

Since it was only 1:00PM, I decided to make the most of it and ride around a bit. I went to the BMW dealer in Austin to buy some oil and a filter. Besides, I needed more crap to haul around anyway.

After leaving there I drove in the direction of home. I found a few dirt roads on which to ride and even stopped to take a couple of pictures.

I guess I was on this road for about 20 miles or so. Sometimes it was in better condition than others, but o well, that adds to the adventure.

Once I got on blacktop again, I saw a sign to Shiner, Texas. Why not?

Off I headed in the direction of Shiner. I snapped a few obligatory pictures of the brewery and headed off again. No plan. Just riding.

I eventually ended up at the farm to meet my family at 9:00 on Thursday night.

Today's (Friday's) adventure will be to change the oil in my bike and give her a bath.  Then, tomorrow I have to go to Houston at the crack of dawn to teach a class at 8:15.

Sorry there are not more pictures… I was more in a riding mood than a photographing mood.

Thanks for coming along with me on my ride.

Update (10/30/2004):  I left for class this morning at 5:45.  Man o man... the fog between Brenham and Houston sucked!  Wet nasty and thick.  YUK!  I did stop and Jack in the Box for a Sourdough Breakfast Jack and an extra-large Coke.  Thoughts by Bill--> Fog Sucks!

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