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Saturday/Sunday, July 31st/August 1st, 2004

(Click the map to enlarge it.)

bulletRide Length: 360 miles (Day 1: 100, day 2: 260)
bulletRiders: Just me
bulletWeather: Hot... in the mid to upper 90s.
The weekend's ride was a two-day ride.  It started Saturday late in the afternoon because I had to fix a broken pipe and look at a piece of land.  I left Houston and went through Richmond/Rosenberg through Wallis, Bellville and then into Greenvine, Texas (where the farm is).

Day 1's total was around 100 miles. 

Richard was supposed to go with me today (Sunday), but he didn't answer his phone either yesterday or this morning.  So, today was solo as well... I did get Dr. Josh on the phone when I stopped for gas (petrol for my European mates).  He is/was moving some family from Austin to Wichita Falls, then the cell phone crapped out.  I also talked to, and bought a Coke and a cigar for some crazy old man at the City Food Mart in Wallis, TX.  Dr. Josh and a crazy dood...
... O well, I thought a lot, though I don't remember about what.

Today's ride went from Greenvine into Fayetteville, Smithville, Bastrop... through Buescher and Bastrop State Parks (very pretty), and then into Utley then Elgin.  In Elgin, I ate an ice cream at Dairy Queen and then headed home.  I left and headed towards Bastrop then into La Grange.  From La Grange I went to Columbus then got on 102 to Eagle Lake and continued onto Wallis, then into Fulshear and then stayed on 1093 until I got to 6 then took 6 to 10 and then got in the HOV lane till I got home. 

260 miles today.  At least that's what my GPS and butt say.

Here's some links to the parks:


(You can click any picture to enlarge it.)

Thanks for coming along on my ride.

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