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Sunday, Dec 17, 2006

It was about 65 degrees when I left. I didn't really have a plan, but I wound up in Bolivar.

I saw these extremely cute baby goats...

Then I got to see a helicopter land...

I had the opportunity to sit in traffic for 30 minutes while they blew up the old Galveston bridge with dynamite...

And I eventually made it onto the island and onto the ferry to Bolivar. I took a few pictures of the ships nearby...

Pretty cool to be able to ride across water!

At some point, I made it to the beach. It was about 81 degrees when this picture was taken...

And I felt this would make a nice picture. It's similar to the ones Neil Peart has in his book...

About an hour or so later... back in Houston... YUK!

Not a bad day to be on a bike... not a bad day to be in Texas!


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