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bulletRide Length:  3,280 miles
bulletRiders: Me and several others from the Chain Gang
bulletWeather: Perfect... one day of rain... windy ride home.
Odometer out 34,540.  Odometer in: 37,829.  Total: 3,289.  (GPS: 3,280)

If you want to skip the stories, you can view the "keeper" pictures I took here.  The actual write-up has more pictures that didn't make the "keeper" list and pictures I stole from others that have me in them (since I cannot take pictures of myself).

Day 1, Sunday
15 October 2006

Rain. Left house at 1830, arrived at Prof's at 2200. Rain stopped about 30 minutes before SATX. Prof slept on couch... gave me his room. One room his, one for Chain Gang inventory, one computer room. Dinner - Alamo Cafe. Sleep.
Full report of Day 1...

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Day 2, Monday
16 October 2006

Departed Steve's after an egg sandwich.  On the road at 0640 in the pouring rain during Monday morning rush-hour traffic.  Rain to Uvalde, cleared up completely by Del Rio.  Bike tip over at gas station.  Rainbows and butterflies.  Got to Presidio, did paperwork at border (Ojinaga, Mexico).  Steve's $40 fine.  Met a guy on a Dakar coming from HU event.  Found Hal and John.  Dinner in Presidio, then into Mexico.  Stayed in hotel in Ojinaga.  Plumbing story at 0330.
Full report of Day 2...

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Day 3, Tuesday
17 October 2006

Departed at Ojinaga at 0800 after Pop-Tarts and water for breakfast.  Loaded bikes.  Rolled.  Steve's dream about 2 red bikes... Jon's 1200... Hal at the gas station... knocked over Steve's bike (broken mirror), bumped into mine, I caught it. Hotel in La Junta $22.  JB Weld Steve's mirror at hotel.  Fixed bad ground wire on Hal's horn.  Fixed Jon's broken signal.  Dinner $2.  Kids begging for money.  Little girl with baby on her back selling beads.  Hotel in La Junta.  55 degrees in room.  No heat. 
Full report of Day 3...

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Day 4, Wednesday
18 October 2006

Cold.  Altitude = 8,000'.  La Junta - Hermosillo.  Highway 16... miles and miles and miles of twisties.  Chicken strips long gone.  Peg-draggin' fun!  So many twisites almost got tired of it... almost.  Like being on a race track for 200 miles.  Road went to shit when we crossed from Chihuahua into Sonora.  Potholes filled with pea-gravel.  Burros, cows and trucks in the road.  Hermosillo, no rooms.  Finally found one. 2300.  Followed cab to hotel.  Nice!  KFC for dinner.  hotel even had a garage.  Phone call for a $150 hooker. 
Full report of Day 4...

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Day 5, Thursday
19 October 2006

Hermosillo - Douglas, Arizona.  Nacozari.  Steve dropped off money.  Hal sick.  AWESOME police escorted tour of ghost town.  11 people live there.  All the little kids at the school as we looked for lunch.  Girls in truck driving by again and again and again.  Lunch beef tacos and corn tortillas.  36,000 miles.  Police spoke no English.  30 minutes to get back into US.  Bikes on front porch of hotel.  Gadsden.  Turkey dinner.  Discovery channel. 
Full report of Day 5...

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Day 6, Friday
20 October 2006

Rest of folks showed up.  Wal-Mart, Dollar Store.  Uploaded some pictures at library.  No riding.  Rest.
Full report of Day 6...

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Day 7, Saturday
21 October 2006

Back into Mexico.  Maralan's bike broke down.  VR, no.  Ignition switch, no.  Side-stand switch, yes.  Taco stand.  Hotel Hasicenda.  Ruins.  Pottery.  Tourist places suck.  Found a nice little ranch road.  Tours of dood's house (pottery).. cool!  Gangplank bought pot.  Dinner.  Bike ticking badly.  Oil appears to be shot.  OK after bike cools.  WTF?
Full report of Day 7...

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Day 8, Sunday
22 October 2006

Ride into Creel.  Break to see church with bullet holes in bell tower.  Nice twisties again.  Wild horses.  Dinner met Ibarra from ADV... drew us a friggin' awesome map for tomorrow's ride.  Changed oil in hotel parking lot at 36,550 miles.
Full report of Day 8...

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Day 9, Monday
23 October 2006

0700.  Pemex closed.  Breakfast at lady's restaurant, which is really her home.  Daughter and grand daughter come out from back to eat too.  Pemex.  DIRT!!!  Friggin AWESOME!!!  Even road to get to dirt was nothing but twisties.  Overlook place.  Trucks.  Animals.  Water crossings.  Lunch = Dorritos and Coke.  Blew fork seal.  Adventure begins where planning ends.  Changed at hotel.  Had enough fork oil remaining to get by.  Internet cafe... found out from FAQs on that the ticking was the cam chain tensioner.  Sent pictures to Anna.  She posted.  Thanks Anna.  2 hours in Internet cafe burning disks of pictures for Steve.  Dinner.  Slow service.  Dog.  Chatted with Dr. Josh.  Miss him... wish he were here.  Wish Urquieta was here too.  DAM... DAM should be here.  Beem... where's Beem?  Shit man... wish the entire crew was here! Made list of things to fix and things to order.
Full report of Day 9...

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Day 10, Tuesday
24 October 2006

0430.  Friggin rain.  Lots and lots of rain.  120 miles through mountain twisties in pouring rains.  Creel - Basasiachic.  Gloves and boots leaked.  Nap.  Cards.  Dried gear. 
Full report of Day 10...

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Day 11, Wednesday
25 October 2006

Beautiful day.  Waterfall.  Awesome.  Hiked to bottom.  Soaking wet.  very little riding... just to view water fall from a different angle.  Tightened chain. 
"Hiking to the bottom of a waterfall is easier than hiking up." 
"A Pelican case for a $1,000 camera is worth it." 
"Waterfalls are wet."
Full report of Day 11...

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Day 12, Thursday
26 October 2006

Basasiachic - Ozona, TX.  Awesome tail wind.  Though sore neck from the slight cross wind from time-to-time.  Extremely uneventful... aside from donkey standing in middle of road.  Checked in bike at border... no wait.

Day 13, Friday
27 October 2006

Ozona - Houston.
Full report of Days 12 & 13...

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of Days 12 & 13

The Repair Report
October 29 - November 18

Repair Report.

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Repair Report


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